Task 7  Read the text and answer the questions.

Once upon a time there was a pirate called Joe. He had a dream about ghosts who told him to go to a desert island and find treasure. So, in the morning, he went there by his ship. Joe looked for the treasure, but what he found was a huge roller coaster. He did not know what it was, but he went for a ride on it anyway. It was very fast! Joe was scared. In the end, he saw some big animals. Those were dinosaurs. He ran away and got into a bumper car. However, he did not know how to drive it, so he got out and quickly came back to his ship. After that he sailed away and told his friends that he would never go to another desert island again.

1   Who was Joe? - He was a pirate.

2   Where did he go? - He went to a desert island.

3   Who told him to go there? - Ghosts told him to go there.

4   What did he see first? - At first he saw a roller coaster.  

5   What animals were there? - There were dinosaurs.

6   What did he get into?  - He got into a bumper car. 

7   Where did he come back? - He came back to his ship.

8   What did he tell his friends? - He told his friends that he would never go to another desert island again.

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