p. 56, ex. 4

1. Hans was a hard-working and kind-hearted man because he worked in his garden all days long in spring, summer and autumn and he shared everything he had with his friend Miller and asked him for nothing.

2. I don't agree that the most devoted friend was big Hugh, the Miller, because he never helped his friend Hans but just said that he appreciated their friendship.

3. I agree with these words because real friends should share everything when their friends are in trouble.

4. You can speak about something but do quite the opposite thing. So it proves that actions are everything while words are just words. Hans was a man of action because he shared everything with the Miller while the Miller was only a man of words who just said something but never helped Hans.

5. Hans proved to be a devoted friend because he always shared with the Miller everything he had in his garden and asked him for nothing in return.

6. A true friend does not speak much but does everything to help his friend if he is in trouble.

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