Who are you?

Exercise 3. Grammar. The verb be. Circle the correct words. Граматика. Дієслово бути. Обведіть правильні слова.

1. Sue: That’s Helen and his / her cousin. Сью: Це Хелен і її двоюрідний брат.

Kate: What’s his / her name? / Кейт: Як його звати?

Sue: Billy. / Сью: Біллі.

Kate: He is / Is he a student? / Кейт: Він учень?

Sue: No, he is / isn’t. He’s / His a bus driver. / Сью: Ні. Він водій автобуса.


2. Danny: Is / Are your parents doctors?

Jake: No, they / their aren’t. My uncle and aunt am / are doctors. My dad is / isn’t a police officer and my mum’s an actress.

Danny: Really? What’s her / their name?

Jake: Ann Patterson.

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