Unit 1 IT’S YOUR LIFE - Lesson 1 Family and Friends

Page 20 ex. 3 Do the quiz from a teen magazine. Think of your best friend


1. Does your friend tell you his / her secrets? - b) rarely

2. Why does your friend like spending time with you? Because ... - b) you have a lot in common

3. You have to pick up your friend to go out together, but you are late. What does your friend think? - a) He / She is often late

4. You are cheating in a test. Does your friend ...? - b) ask you for your cheat sheet to copy it

5. Does your friend know about ... ? - c) your happy and sad moments

6. Your friend is jealous of one of your new friends. What does he / she do? - b) gets to know your new friend better

7. You’ve a new hairstyle / haircut. Your friend doesn’t like it. What does he / she say? - b) It’s OK, but I prefer your old hairstyle

8. You have a diffi cult test in Maths and you have to work hard. Your friend, who is good at maths, phones you to go out. Does he / she ...? - a) come over to your place and help you with studying

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