Unit 1 IT’S YOUR LIFE - Lesson 1 Family and Friends

Page 28 ex. 4 Find all the sentences where June talks about the important people in her life. Then use some adjectives (прикметники) from task 1 to describe what they are like

My Mum works for an advertising agency. Her job is much more interesting that my Dad’s. I get on well with her, but sometimes she worries too much.

My father is a bit of a workaholic. He works for a big publishing company. He works late hours, even weekends. He's nice, but when I go out he wants me to be back by 10 o'clock.

My brother thinks I’m not talented at all. He’s a bit of a weirdo. He is 18, but still spends most of the time on his skateboard. He has a bunch of friends who are all crazy about it. They all think they are cool. He hopes to become a famous musician. He spends hours practicing, the rest of the time he teases me.

My best mate is called Eve. She’s a real friend. She never lets me down. Pete is a real joker. He doesn’t notice me.

Mum is understanding, friendly, helpful but sometimes overprotective. Father is sometimes overprotective. Brother is lazy. Eve is reliable. Pete is amusing.


June’s mum (3-й абзац) kind, understanding, overprotective.

June’s father (4-й абзац) fair, overprotective.

June’s brother (5-й абзац, речення 4-7 + 6-й абзац) ambitious, lazy.

June’s best friend Eve (7-й абзац речення 1-3) reliable, honest, friendly.

Pete, the boy she likes (7-й абзац речення 6-7) amusing.

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