Unit 1 IT’S YOUR LIFE - Lesson 1 Family and Friends

Page 29 ex. 3 You want a pen friend. Write a letter about yourself. Follow June’s outline and use some of the expressions from task 2

Dear friend!

My name is ... and I am looking for a pen friend. I came across your address while I was surfing the Internet. It was the website about English films which we both like so much. So I believe we have at least something in common. I like classical English films very much and my favorite actor is Aidan Turner. He is Irish but it is not important.

Let me tell you more about myself. I am 14 years old. I live with my family in Ukraine.

My family is not very big, only my parents and my grandmother. I love them much because they are very nice and caring.My father does not spend much time at home because he works much. He works at the plant. At weekends we try to spend time together, go to the park or some other interesting place. He is friendly, caring and energetic. He does not like staying at home when the weather is fine. My mother is active too. She works at the shop so she is sociable and funny. When she has free time she likes cooking something new and delicious. My grandmother is a kind and friendly old lady. 1 always share my secrets with her because I know that she is trustworthy. But sometimes she is overprotective but I do not think it is bad.When we all are at home we like discussing our life or plans for the future. Sometimes we play different games together and it is so great.

I hope that you will write me back and share some information about your hobbies and interests, and about your family as well.

Keep in touch. Waiting for your answer.

Yours, ...

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