Unit 1 IT’S YOUR LIFE - Lesson 1 Family and Friends

Page 21 ex. 1 Guess the missing words in the poem


He\She is there for you.
When you are happy,
But when you are sad, too.
How does true friendship show itself?
It begins with short «Hi!»
And then with time and care
It starts to go and go
«What does true friendship say?»
Don’t worry. You'll be OK
And with an understanding so
Your problems seem to go away.


Think and say: 

1. When my friend is happy. 2. When my friend is sad. 3. When my friend or I have some problems. 4. It grows with time and care, when we share secrets and help each other.

I feel happy when my friend is with me and I share my happiness with him. When I feel sad my friend always supports me. When I feel worried my friend tries to calm me down. Friendship grows when friends stay together in happy and sad moments share everything and support each other in difficult moments.

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