Unit 1 IT’S YOUR LIFE - Lesson 1 Family and Friends

Page 22 ex. 2 a) Look at these expressions and say when you use them

a) How are things? - Greetings.

Good for you! - When my friend is happy for me.

What's the matter? - When my friend worries about me.

Oh, poor thing! - When something happened and my friend says it is a
pity for him.

How did it go? - My friend asks me about something in the past.

Oh, lucky you! - My friend is happy for me.


b) Make a four-line dialogue using the expressions from (a)

b) — How are things?
— Fine, thanks.
— My parents bought me a new bicycle.
— Oh, lucky you!

— Hi! What's the matter?
— I have lost my favorite CD.
— Oh, poor thing.
— Thanks!

A:  Hi, how are things? Have you passed your Maths test?
B:  Not too good, I'm afraid. I’ve failed it.
A:  Oh, poor thing! How did it go?
B:  I forgot everything I'd learnt.
A:  Well, I hope you'll have good luck next time.

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