Unit 1 IT’S YOUR LIFE - Lesson 2 A Healthy Lifestyle

Page 35 ex. 4 a) Look at the following statements, discuss them with your partner and decide if they are true or false

a) 1 - T; 2 - F; 3 - T; 4 - T; 5 - T; 6 - F; 7 - F.


1. True. It is very important to have a proper breakfast every morning because breakfast is the most important meal as it gives you energy for the whole day and it is also wakes your body up.

2. False. It is enough to have two meals a day because you don’t need to have dinner every evening. You must eat your breakfast by yourself share your lunch with your friend and give your dinner to your enemy.

3. True. We don’t have to drink at least two litres of water a day because it is not good for our kidneys.

4. True. Portions have become smaller nowadays because people do not work as hard as they used to.

5. True. We should as much food as we need but not overeat as it is bad for our body.

6. False. Much sugar and salt is harmful for our body.

7. False. You should eat slowly because it is good for your stomach.

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