Unit 1 IT’S YOUR LIFE - Lesson 2 A Healthy Lifestyle

p. 44, ex, 7
a)    1. Because he's got tired of going to the same place each summer.
2.    The text was written by George, a boy Brian met on the internet.
3.    The camp is in Ireland.
4.    The text says it's just Kids' Camp.
5.    They get up at seven o'clock there.
6.    Generally he hates getting up early, but he doesn't mind it at the camp.
7.    They play water polo for two hours.
8.    Best of all he likes walking in the woods and treasure hunting.
9.    They either listen to guitar and sing songs, or play cards or Monopoly.
10.  Sam's good at playing the guitar.
b)    I love surfing the Internet and traveling to new places. I enjoy eating fast food and swimming in the pool.
I'm good at doing housework.
I'm interested in watching sports on TV.
I'm tired of lying on a sunny beach.
I can't stand getting up early and listening to loud music. I'm bad at reading novels.


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