Unit 1 IT’S YOUR LIFE - Lesson 2 A Healthy Lifestyle

p. 45, ex. 3

My dream holiday

I would like to spend my dream holidays at some exotic place far-far away. It might be a foreign capital, or mountains, or a desert, though a white-sandy beach would be preferable. In my everyday life I am sick and tired of going to school, having lots of homework to do, doing chores about the house, so on holidays I'd just like to lay and relax by the sea and occasionally go to a restaurant and to a cinema or discos. I like my family and friends and don't mind seeing them every day, but on holidays I'd prefer to meet a new person for a change or even being alone for a while would do.

My dream holiday (2)

I would like to spend my dream holiday with my family and friends. I mean parents and children together. I would like to go camping to the woods by the river. It would be really great. We would cook our food on the fire and sleep in a tent. We would play volleyball and swim in the river. And in the evening we would sit by the fire and sing songs and communicate.

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