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Exercise 2. Read. A. Look at the pictures. What do you know about these places? Listen, read and check your answers. B. Read again and answer the questions. Прочитайте. А. Подивіться на малюнки. Що ви знаєте про ці місця? Слухайте, читайте та перевіряйте свої відповіді. B. Прочитайте ще раз і дайте відповіді на запитання.

A. The White House is the o is the official residence of the President of the United States. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. The President’s office is called ‘The Oval Office’. About two million people visit the White House every year.

The House with Chimeras in Kyiv, Ukraine and is located close to the Presidential Palace. It is used as a residence for the President of Ukraine and is where Important events are held. It was built between 1901 - 1903 and is one of the most well-known buildings in Kyiv. What makes the building so unique are the many sculptures that cover its exterior, these include wild animals — like frogs and rhinos — as well as mythical creatures. The building is widely considered to be an architectural masterpiece.

Windsor Castle, in Berkshire, England, is one of the official residences of the British Royal Family. It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and dates back to 1066. The castle’s floor area is approximately 484,000 square feet/44,965 square metres and is a popular tourist attraction.

The Istana Nurul Iman palace (Arabic for the Palace of the Light of Faith) is the official residence of the Sultan of Brunei, which is a country in Southeast Asia. The palace is located on the banks of the Brunei River directly south of Brunei’s capital. It is the largest residential palace in the world and the largest residence of any type.


B. 1. Where is the White House? - The White House it's in United States;

2. How many floors can visitors visit in the White House? - There are six floors: two for offices and visitors, two for the President and his family and two basements.

3. Why is the House with Chimeras popular? - It's popular because has got amazing sculptures of different animals.

4. What has the garden of the House with Chimeras got? - Garden has got a lot of plants, fountains and a lake.

5. Who lives in Windsor Castle? - It's one of the homes of Queen Elizabeth II.

6. How many rooms are there in Windsor Castle? - There are 1000 rooms.

7. What is Istana Nurul Iman? - Is the home of the Sultan of Brunei.

8. Are there over 200 bathrooms in Istana Nurul Iman? - Yes, there are 257 bathrooms.

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