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Exercise 2. Read. A. Danylo has answered the questions about free time. Look at his answers and complete the paragraph. B. Use the questions from Activity 2A to interview your partner. Прочитайте. А. Данило відповів на запитання про вільний час. Подивіться на його відповіді та завершіть абзац. B. Використовуйте запитання із завдання 2A, щоб опитати свого партнера.

Danylo is (1) 14 years old. He gets home at (2) after 3 o’clock on weekdays, so he’s got a lot of (3) free time. He hangs out with (4) his friends both on weekdays and at the weekend. When they’re at home, they watch (5) DVDs or they do their (6) homework together. They also play (7) computer games and (8) surf the Net. When they go out, they hang out at the (9) park, play sports or go (10) skateboarding. Danylo goes to bed early (11) on weekdays, before 10 o’clock, but at the weekend, he goes to bed late, (12) after 10 o’clock.

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