Song 3. Complete the song with the words in the box. Then listen and check your answers. Доповніть пісню словами в рамці. Потім послухайте і перевірте свої відповіді.

The main event

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

For the main event?


You can see (1) posters all over town

Saying who and where and when

Want to listen to some (2) cool sounds?

Then don’t miss the main event


Let’s get ready

Let’s get ready

Let’s get ready

For the main event


Is peace and (3) quiet your kind of thing?

Then stay home and watch your favourite team

(4) because we’re here to dance and sing

And make all the people (5) scream !


Let’s get together in the town (6) square

The (7) concert’s outside under the sun

(8) invite all your friends, see you there!

We’re going to have a lot of fun!


It’s time to sing

It’s time to shout

It’s time to scream

For the main event

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