Starting Up

Page 11 ex. 6 Сomplete the text with the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets

a) What did Jack do yesterday morning?

Jack slept until 6.30 a.m. He got up at 7. First, he read his school timetable and put his books in the bag. Then he drank a glass of a warm milk and ate some toast with jam and butter. After that, he cut two slices of bread and made a sandwich. Before he left the house, he had fed his dog. He met his friend Larry at the bus stop. They went to school together.


b) What did he do after school yesterday?

He came home at 4 pm. He threw his books in the corner and went to the kitchen. He found some pizza in the fridge and ate it. Then he took his dog to the park. They ran around for a while. They saw some other kids and dogs in the pet shop. They had fun. On the way home, Jack bought some dog food in the pet shop.


У всіх реченнях вправи має вживатися Past Simple. Для його утворення беремо слово в дужках, знаходимо його в таблиці неправильних дієслів (у кінці підручника або словника) і беремо його 2-гу форму (2-га колонка таблиці). Якщо слова там нема, то додаємо до нього -ed.

a) slept; got; read; put; drank; ate; cut; made; left; met; went.

b) came; threw; went; found; ate; took; ran; saw; had; bought.

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