Starting Up

Page 12 ex. 2 Tell your friend about your summer holidays.

✵ Where were you? ✵ Who were you with? ✵ How long were you there? ✵ Who were you with? ✵ What did you do?

Did you go: swimming / fishing / diving / dancing / hiking / windsurfing. 

Did you play: tennis / football / volleyball / cards?

Did you take: photographs / long walks?

Did you: sunbathe / visit any museums / write postcards / meet anybody?

✵ Did anything unusual happen to you?

Last summer I was in the country. I stayed with my grandparents. I stayed there for 2 months. I had a rest and helped my grandparents. I went swimming and fishing but did not go diving and wind surfing. I went dancing but did not go hiking. I played football, volleyball and cards but I did not play tennis. I took a lot of photographs. I sunbathed but did not visit any museums. I did not write postcards but I met some new people and made new friends. The unusual thing that happened to me was a new friend who I made.

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