Starting Up

Page 14 ex. 1 Imagine that you have decided to study English at a language school during your summer holidays. Copy and complete the application form below


Family name: Ivah

First name: Maria

Nationality: Ukrainian

Native language: Ukrainian

Date of birth: 15-th of May

Place of birth: Kharkiv

Occupation: a pupil

Home address: Bandera Street, 20/3


Please write 4-5 sentences about yourself, your interests and activities

I’m a pretty girl. I’ve got fair hair, blue eyes and light complexion. My friends say I’m sociable, clever and energetic. My hobbies are horse riding and cycling.



Current level of English: medium

Where do you study English? — At school.

How long have you studied English? — Since 6 years old.

How many lessons a week? — 2.

Do you have special reasons for learning English? — I want to connect my future profession with English. It will also help me to make new friends from other English speaking countries.

Why do you want to improve your English? — My current level of English leaves much to be desired.

Have you ever been to a language school before? — No.

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