Starting Up

Page 13 ex. 2 Listen to the stories again and answer the questions


1. Did Nikki stay at the hotel? - No, she stayed at her best friend's family.

2. What did Nikki try once? Did she like it? - Once she tried water-skiing and it was so difficult and she didn't like it.

3. Where did Nikki go with her friends in the evenings? - She took a walk? they went to a cafe.

4. What does Steve look like? - Steve is a great looking guy and he is 3 year older than Nikki.

5. What is Nikki going to do? - She's going to go to the same place this year.



1. Where did Bruno spend his holiday? - Bruno spend his holidays in the mountains.

2. Was the weather nice? - Not, it was raining  three days.

3. Did he meet anyone? Yes, he met a pretty girl.

4. Why was Bruno’s English a problem? - It was hard to understand a girl who he met.

5. Is he going to work on his English this year? - He is going to improve his English to continue a communication with a pretty girl.

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