Starting Up

Page 12 ex. 1 Discuss with a partner.

Why do people go on holidays? - People go on holidays because they want to have a rest after long working period or they want to travel somewhere.

Why do some people pack loads of things when they go on holidays? - Because they may travel to some remote places like mountains or deserts with no shops to buy them, or they are afraid that they may not find those things at local stores.

Why do some people like camping? - Because they are tired of civilization and want to be closer to nature, or because they want to try something new or unusual.

Why do some people never travel by plane? - Because they are afraid of flying. In fact quite a lot of people are.

Why do some people enjoy going on holiday alone? - Because they like to do exactly what they feel like, and don’t want to follow other people shopping for instance or doing other boring things, or on the contrary, too risky things.

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