Starting Up

Page 8 ex. 1 a) Match the sentences to the tenses below.

a) Are you doing anything at the moment ? - Present Continuous.

Jim has already done lots of work today. - Present Perfect.

Bill never does anything. - Present Simple.


b) Complete the rules with the words from the box.

b) We use the Present Simple Tense for something that is happening at the moment.

We use Present Simple Tense for something that happens regularly.

We use the Present Simple Tense for something in the past which tells us something about the present.


c) Make up your own sentences using the tense forms above.

c) My family and I have breakfast at 7 o'clock every morning.

She is reading an interesting book now.

They have already washed up and cleaned the room.


1. I am writing a postcard to my friend. (Present Continuous)

2. We have visited several museum today. (Present Perfect)

3. They cook fish on coals here. (Present Simple).


У деяких довідниках із граматики в назвах часів замість Simple може вживатися Indefinite, а замість Continuous — Progressive. Це одне й те саме.

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