Starting Up

Page 4 ex. 2. Do the quiz. Choose the right answer

1. The best type of holidays for me is at the seaside, (b)

2. The money for my holidays come from my parents because they pay for everything. (a)

3. The most important thing on holiday for me is to have a lot of fun. (b)

4. When I am on holiday I like walking and swimming. (c)

5. Number one for me is good weather. (a)

6. I enjoy spending time outdoors. (c)

7. On holiday I usually go to the cinema or theatre. (a)

8. If I have some extra money, I like to spend it on shopping. (b)

9. My ideal type of holidays would be with my best friend. (c)

10. I would choose a summer camp for teenagers at the seaside for my next holidays. (b)

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