Starting Up

Page 11 ex. 7 Read and say which action was the first and which one was the second

1. Nick found (the second action) the key that he had lost (the first action) last week.

2. They had spoken (the first action) to him before they went (the second action) home.

3. After he had sold (the first action) his car, he bought (the second action) a new one.

4. She showed (the second action) us the pictures she had taken (the first action).

5. The house was (the second action) very quiet because everybody had gone (the first action) to sleep.

6. After she had brushed (the first action) her teeth, she went (the second action) to bed.


a — дія сталася раніше, першою (Past Perfect);

b — дія сталася пізніше, другою (Past Simple).


1 — found (b); had lost (a); 2 — had spoken (a); went (b); 3 — had sold (a); bought (b); 4 — showed (b); had taken (a); 5 — was (b); had gone (a); 6 — had brushed (a); went (b).

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