Unit 2 YOUR SCHOOL TIME - Lesson 1 What’s Your School Like?

p. 65, ex. 2. Read and compare. / Прочитайте і порівняйте.

1 I am playing football tomorrow. (Sure)

2 T om is going to Italy next weekend. (Sure)

3 I am not going to school tomorrow. (I am sure I won’t go.)

4 Sally won’t eat rice. (I am sure that she doesn’t like it.)

1 I may play football tomorrow. (Possible)

2 Tom might go to Italy next weekend. (Possible, not sure)

3 I might not go to school tomorrow. (Perhaps I won’t go, but I am not sure.)

4 Sally may not eat rice. (Perhaps she won’t eat rice because I am not sure if she likes it.)


We use may / might to say what will possibly happen in the future.
They may / might join us.

We use may not / might not to say that we are not sure some action will happen in the future.
He may not / might not enjoy playing water polo.

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